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Q: What is bt365 ?

A: Our partner site bt365 is a traffic exchange that also offers banner and text advertisement.
Basic membership at bt365 is free.
Furthermore there it is possible to buy additional credits. We have agreed with the operator of bt365,
that our members there always receive the same number of credits as they buy here without additional cost.

Q: How do I get this free bonus gift of credits from bt365 ?

After you've bought your credits at EARN AND PROMOTE,
send an email to bt365 with the order number and the number of credits you have purchased as information.
For this, please only use the email address,
with which you also registered with bt365 and EARN AND PROMOTE.
If you are not yet a member of bt365,
then please register now for free with exactly the same email address,
with which you are also registered with EARN AND PROMOTE.

Click here to register.