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EARN AND PROMOTE Questions and Answers

Q: What is the business ?
A: The business is always the purchase of one or more advertisement package(s).
After your fund is booked in your account click to purchase one or more ad package(s).
An ad package costs $ 10 and includes 2000 Credits for 2000 banner ads (468x60 pixels)
and 2000 Credits for 2000 side banner ads (125x125 pixels) and 2000 Credits for 2000 text ads.
It includes also the double amount of EAP Coins for each USD you pay for your ad packages.
( 1 ad package $10, fee $2.50 = $12.50 = 25 EAP Coins )

Q: How do I receive the free bonus gift?
A: After you have fund money to your account it will be booked within 24 hours.
Next, you can buy one or more advertisement package(s).
Each ad package will receive a free bonus of 20% per day for ten days.
You can see the daily progress in your account.
On or after the 11th day, you can claim the bonus for withdrawal.
50% of it will be paid directly to you
and for the other 50% you will receive credits to place more banner and text ads.
In order to be entitled to regular bonus payments, it is also necessary to purchase at least one additional advertisement package regularly every ten days.
Because of that you are qualified to receive the free gift of $20 after 11 days for each ad package.

Q: How do I deposit money into my EAP account?
A: Just select in your member area a sum (10 USD or a multiple of 10 USD) and then choose the payment system. For Bank Transfer, Crypto Payments and also S-PAY Funds choose myecash. Then click the button "Proceed". You will be forwarded to the page at myecash with all Bank and Wallet details. If you have already enough money in your S-PAY account click after "Proceed" on the small S-PAY banner. You will be directed to the website of the payment at S-PAY.
Next, open your S-PAY account and follow the instructions on the screen.
Once your fund has been successfully completed
you will automatically be redirected back to the webpage of your EAP account.
You can also click the PAY button of our Payment Provider Stripe
to fund by Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay etc. .
Within the next 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays)
we will post the deposit to your account with us. Then you can purchase your ad package(s) from it.

Q: How do I deposit money into my S-PAY account?
A: Simply transfer the desired amount by bank transfer to myecash.net.
Please make sure to use the same username for myecash.net as you use here at EAP !
Otherwise it can take more time to assign the money to you.

Q: Which payment systems do you accept?
A: We prefer funds via S-PAY. But many others payment systems are accepted too.
In case you don't want to build an additional downline in S-PAY
you can fund by bank transfer to the EAP bank account with myecash.net
and there you can also find the address to fund
with Binance USD, Litecoin,Tron, USDT and more.
Please make sure to use the same username for myecash.net
as you use here at EAP and mention it in each transfer !
Otherwise it can take more time to assign the money to you.
You can also click the PAY button of our Payment Provider Stripe
to fund by Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay etc. .

Q: How can I earn money with EAP?
A: Bring as many new business partners / members as possible into your downline!
With each purchase you will get always 2 EAP Coins for each $1 purchased.
If you continously buy every 10 days a new ad package or more you are qualified
to claim your free bonus gift of $20 per ad package on or after the 11th day.
You will receive this free bonus gift within the next 30 working days after you claimed it.
Who knows, maybe one day our EAP Coin will do a similar huge jump like the Bitcoin did
during the last ten years and maybe then each EAP Coin is worth $50,000 ?!?

Q: Why are you paying so much commission?
A: We pay so much commission
because we give nearly 100% of the fees back to the members as referral commission.

Q: Can I also earn money with S-PAY?
A: Yes you can also earn money with S-PAY.
Although S-PAY is cheaper and safer than the market leader and other Internet payment systems, S-PAY gives commissions down to four levels. Despite the market leader is still more popular, S-PAY is fast growing and has already more than 15 years experience in the market of internet payment systems.

Q: Can anyone join EARN AND PROMOTE?
A: Yes, anyone who is at least 18 years old can join.

Q: Can I also take advantage of the platform's program if I live outside the US?
A: Yes, we welcome all international members from any Country in the world.

Q: Do I really have to recruit new members to earn money?
A: There is no obligation to recruit new members,
but those who recruit new members earn up to 25% commission from the respective amount of their downline sales. The others will then only earn from their proceeds that they earn by promoting their services or products. Every member will get the bonus gift when they claim it after they are qualified and they get always 2 EAP Coins for each $1 purchased.

Q: How do I recruit new business partners / members?
A: Quite simple, use your personalized advertising link from your member area. There you will also find banners and prepared advertising texts in which your personalized advertising link is integrated. Make sure you always copy and paste exactly the entire link so that it will work properly.

Q: How much money can I earn with this program?
A: There is no limit and the longer you are with EAP, the more you will earn. You can create a
5 levels deep downline : 1. Level 10% 2. Level 7% 3. Level 5% 4. Level 2% 5. Level 1%

Q: Which payment system does EAP use to send the bonus gift and / or the commission ?
A: Primary we use S-PAY to send the bonus gift and / or the commission.
But we can also send it by BUSD, LTC, TRX, USDT and bank transfer.
Usually we use the same payment system with that we receive your fund.

Q: Is this program an investment program?
A: No it is not an investment program !
It is an advertisement platform for cheap and free advertisement.
However, many friends of cryptocurrencies may see it differently
because every single purchased advertisement package
of $10 also includes 25 EAP Coins worth $25.
It is planned to cover the EAP Coin with silver for the ICO.
More details will follow automatically via email to all members when the time comes.

Q: How do I set a banner here?
A: A banner is accepted here only in the size 468x60 pixels !
Example of a banner ad :
Banner link as following : https://www.earnandpromote.com/EAP_Banner468x60en.png
The banner looks like this :

A side banner is only accepted in the size of 125x125 pixels !
Example of a side banner :
Banner link as follows : https://www.earnandpromote.com/banner125x125.png
The banner looks like this :

Example of a URL or a link :

Q: Is EARN AND PROMOTE a marketing and advertising program or an income generator?
A: BOTH ! EARN AND PROMOTE is first and foremost an advertising portal where you also can build up a network or a downline. You can then earn continously money through the advertising of your downline. With this multible advertising program in our network, our members can earn money from multiple income streams.

A: Absolutely not ! EAP is an advertisement platform.
EARN AND PROMOTE is an advertisement network
that offers various possibilities to earn money with various advertising measures;
and it helps members to promote their home business as well as other complementary businesses.
We also offer commissions to members who promote EARN AND PROMOTE and recruit new members to your downline at EAP. In order to pay commissions to the members, we distribute nearly 100% of the fees to the members for those who recruit new members.

Q: Can I also earn money as a free member?
A: We have set up EARN AND PROMOTE so that all members can earn money continuously if they purchase at least one $ 10 advertising package every ten days.
Register for free and use your promotional link from your member area.
New free members are entitled to commission on their downline during the first 30 days
if they purchase at least on the 30st day after registration one ad package for $ 10.
After that they are a Pro Member. To be qualified for the commission it's necessary to purchase at least one ad package for $ 10 at least on the 11th day or earlier.

Q: What is the minimum amount required to apply for a payout?
A: The minimum payout is $ 20. We do not take any withdrawal fees !
To make sure that the system works continuously and that all your commissions are paid,
it is necessary to purchase ad packages continuously and on a regular basis.
It is also necessary that we pay out only 50% of the gifted bonus
and credit the other 50% as credits with which you can place banner and text ads.
Remember purchasing banner and text ads is the business that you do with us.

Q: Will I get my money back if I cancel my membership?
A: Please understand that you have purchased and received our product
(you received 6000 advertising credits per $ 10 and you receive 25 EAP Coins per ad package).
Doesn't matter if you used them already or not.
Through our automated system you will immediately receive your positions in our daily bonus earnings pool and our system also books all commissions to the over-structured members ( your upliner ) immediately and automatically, so they can apply to withdraw immediately.
Accordingly there is no refund.
Please read our terms and conditions and the FAQ's
which you accept with your registration before you fund into your account with us.
Only if you agree to this then please fund to your account with us.

Q: When will my deposit be booked?
A: We book all deposits immediately but at the latest within 24 hours on weekdays.

Q: How long do I get the benefit of the free bonus gift?
A: After you purchase a promotional ad package
you can claim the free gift of the bonus for 10 days.
On the 11th day or after you can then apply for the gifted bonus
for payout if you are qualified. 50% of it will send to you directly
and for the other 50% you will automatically receive credits
that you can use to set banner and text ads.
The pay out amount of the bonus gift of $ 10 per purchased ad package is also $ 10.
If you are qualified you will receive it within 30 days after you have requested it.

Q: When will my bonus and / or commissions be paid?
A: We pay both bonus and commission payments within 30 days.

Q: What maximum amount do you accept per day to receive bonus payments?
A: To receive bonus payments, the maximum setting of our system is currently to buy 500 ad packages at once. This is a maximun payment of $6,250 incl. $1,250 fee.

Q: How many ad packages can I have in my account?
A: You can have a maximum of 10,000 ad packages in your account.

Q: What happens if I insert too many wrong banner sizes too often?
A: If you enter too many false banner sizes too often
we are assuming fraudulent activity and will temporarily suspend or delete your account.
In this case any possible credits
and EAP Coins as well as bonus entitlements and commissions will expire.

Q: Why was my application for a bonus refused?
A: If you submit your application for a bonus payment within the first ten days
it will be rejected because it can only be submitted from the 11th day
and after you purchased an additional ad package on the 11th day or earlier.

Q: How do I properly apply for the bonus?
A: 1. Wait for the expiry of the 10-day term of the ad package.
2. After you booked the next ad package
apply for the bonus from the previous ad package on the 11th day or after.
3. For every $ 10 ad package you will request $ 20 for withdrawal.
4. Upon receipt of the application we will transfer $ 10 to you within 30 days if you are qoualified
and for the second $ 10, we'll credit you with another 6000 credits for your banner and text ads.
5. To qualify for the free bonus gift
please make sure to purchase every 10 days at least one ad package for $10.

Q: When does my right to a bonus payment expire?
A: Your entitlement to a bonus payment expires only
if you interrupt the flow of continuous advertising at EAP or if you attempt fraud.